Enhance the experience you already know and believe to be true.

Located in the heart of Toronto, featuring 2 downtown locations: City Place or The Annex.
We invite you to share our love and passion for coffee and community.

A little gem that most people find out about by word of mouth.

We offer an open but cozy and relaxed atmosphere, a wide variation in music, a mix of people from all cultures and ages and very friendly staff.

CAFE is a place to meet friendly strangers, enjoy espresso with a vegan dessert.

Coffee is only second to water as the most widely consumed beverage in the world. Barocco Coffee Company takes this seriously: quality coffee must honour the coat of arms that adorns each and every bag.

We’ve partnered with local, award-winning artisanal bakers to offer a selection of fresh baked delectation treats. Ranging from vegan-gluten free options, to canollies and other fine edibles.

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