What do I need to do to become a member of CAFE?

To become a member, you will need to provide proof of age that you’re 19+ by uploading your government-issued photo ID on the “Checkout” page of our online site.

Alternatively, you can sign up in-store by providing proof of age at in-store at anyone of our fine locations.

What are the Room Service Fees?

(City Place ONLY)​

Room Service is only $10 per order. Orders dispatch within 60 minutes. Proof of ID is required at door.

You will be notified via text, email or phone call when your order has been dispatched.

What are the Delivery Times and Service Fees?

Deliveries are dispatched within 60 minutes after order has been processed. Proof of ID is required at door.

You will be notified via text, email or phone call when your order has been dispatched.

  • Zone A – $15
  • Zone B – $30
  • Zone C – $40
  • Zone D – $50
  • Zone E – $75

Click here to see the Delivery Map

Please call 1 800 551 2965 to finish processing your order before delivery can be dispatched.

You will be directed over the phone on how to make your payment.

What address do I use for in-store pick-up?

For in-stock pick-up,


(Insert Your Name)


66 Fort York Blvd
Toronto, On
M5V 4A6

How long do you hold my pre-order for?

Pay In-Store Pre-orders are held for a maximum of 3 hours.

What are the shipping fees? (Express Mail-Order only)

Shipping fees for Ontario residence is $15

Shipping fees for residence outside Ontario is $20

Orders are shipped via express post, and a tracking number will be emailed to you after your order ships. You will receive your order in 1-3 business days. Your delivery is guaranteed. (Exceptions apply for residents in Nunavut, or if an inaccurate/incomplete address is provided.)

How is my Mail Order packaged?

Your order is discretely packaged and carefully vacuum-sealed to protect and maintain your privacy.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard.

What’s the difference between sativa and indica?

Sativa and Indica are the two major types of cannabis plants which can mix together to create hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind, resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

The high produced from smoking Indica bud is a strong body high that will make you sleepy (or ‘couch-locked’) and provides a deep feeling of relaxation compared to a Sativa high, which is known to be more energetic and uplifting.

Marijuana strains range from pure sativas to pure indicas, and hybrid strains consisting of both indica and sativa (30% indica – 70% sativa, 50% – 50% combinations, 80% indica – 20% sativa). Because Sativa and Indica buds have very different medicinal benefits and effects, certain strains can be targeted to better treat specific illnesses.

Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odor to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush), providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed because how sleepy and tired it makes them.

Benefits of Indica:

  • Relieves body pain
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves spasms and reduces seizures
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Relieves anxiety and stress

Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic, and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy, as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create artworks.

Benefits of Sativa:

  • Feeling of well-being and at-ease
  • Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
  • Stimulates and energizes the mind
  • Increases focus and creativity
  • Fights depression
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